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Public Access to Narcan

2017.05.18 Orwigsburg Faith Church Public Access to Narcan

The COGI Cares Fund

COGI Cares Logo The COGI Cares Fund

As a public health and social services provider, funding for programs is often restricted for only direct services. The COGI Staff cares about not only the direct services we provide to our clients, but also about the client as a whole. In an effort to support the unmet needs of our clients, COGI staff created and named “The COGI Cares Fund”.

The purpose of this fund is to assist clients in their time of need or in an unusual circumstance. Our staff wanted the ability to support their clients in their recovery and when possible taking down barriers that may put their recovery at risk.

Through various fundraising efforts, the COGI staff will build “The COGI Cares Fund” and at the discretion of our Executive Director, the treatment team can request funds on a client’s behalf.

Donations made directly to this fund may be tax deductible as COGI is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization. (Donation receipts are available upon request).

Help us to better serve our clients!