Workplace Wellness

Wellness is comprised of good health and peace of mind. How individuals and organizations collectively respond to and plan for improved health, contributes to a productive workforce. Because of the diverse types of physical health, mental health, personal, and family stressors experienced by any workforce, the most effective approach to helping people identify, address, and manage issues is for each individual to review their health status with a profession an a regular basis.

Our Wellness Program goals are twofold:

  • To increase the financial health of our local business sector.
  • To insure that employees and their immediate family members have access to health and social services and utilize these resources in a timely and appropriate manner.

The Clinical Outcomes Group, Inc., (COGI) Wellness Program is designed to assist employers in maintaining a healthy and productive workforce. A healthy and productive workforce can be achieved by offering employees and immediate family members of employees with rapid access to licensed health professionals who are able to assist individuals to effectively manage health, family, and personal issues.

The COGI Wellness Program also offers employers with guidance in establishing health policies and in creating employee programs that can increase employee health and reduce employer costs associated with unplanned employee leaves, absenteeism, sick time, staff turnover, early retirement, and workers compensation claims. A healthy workforce can be more efficient and increase rates of job and employer satisfaction.